Project – ATM CNS and Management training – Migration to ATC VOIP , to AMHS, to ITIL based SM, role of GNSS in ATC

This project instantiates the capacity to develop a comprehensive training package in the Aviation technical domains, as we can also develop it in other domains such as economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis.

  • 1996-present
  • Situation: EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services was in need to restructure and drastically expand its portfolio and technical training, in particular in the area of CNS technologies
  • Approach: OBIZCO delivered:
    • Structured development of CNS training material
    • Technical training at the EUROCONTROL Institute of Air Navigation Services
      • Communication Training (ATN/OSI and ATN/IPS, VDL Mode 2, AMSS, Legacy ATC Voice – MFC_R2/ATS-QIG and migration strategy towards EUROCAE compliant Voice over IP, Data networks and PENS/NewPENS)
      • Navigation Training (GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, EGNOS, GALILEO, BEIDU)
      • Surveillance training (Mode S, ADS-B, ADS-C)
    • Results: High quality standardized training material; Training deliveries with excellent feedback scores