Project – Air/Ground SWIM, Military SWIM and SWIM Registry Concept Development

OBIZCO provided technical expertise on SESAR 2020 Project 17 for each of the 3 solutions related to Air/Ground SWIM, Civil-Military SWIM Profile and SWIM dynamic registry

SWIM is a System Wide Information Management System for ATM

  • Clients: SITA, THALES and SESAR JU
  • OBIZCO supported SITA in subcontracting activities to THALES in the execution of a SESAR 2020 PJ17 project
    • Elaboration of a series of mock-up and prototypes for testing and analyzing SWIM concept options in operational conditions
  • OBIZCO delivered:
    • A project manager active for the facilitation of SITA activities as subcontractor to THALES
    • Engineers contributing to the analysis of SWIM concepts, and providing inputs about the elaboration of mock-ups and appropriate software
    • Provide technical consultancy on the definition of SWIM Technical Specifications and Technical Validation Plan
  • Outcomes: a series of reports, and the validation of SWIM concepts introduced in the SJU Master Plan