Our Team

OBIZCO elaborates on the rare interaction between engineers and
technology specialists, senior managers and executives
with a long experience in aviation operations (ATM,
service delivery for communications in aviation), and economists
specialised in the management
of complex programs and in business modelling.

Burhan Ocakoglu

General Manager of Obizco

Burhan Ocakoglu is the General Manager of OBIZCO SARL. His specializations include Telecoms, ATM, CNS, ITIL, PMI, EFQM on the technical side, as well as Business development, 7th Habits, Service delivery, Change management, Team management on the business side. After finishing his master’s degree at the Polytechnic Faculty at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Burhan started working for various organizations in the Mobile Telecom and CNS fields, such as IBM, EUROCONTROL and SITA. In 2000 Burhan has founded OBIZCO SARL. Later, in 2009, Burhan was appointed as Service Delivery Director for the PENS (Pan-European Network Service) project of EUROCONTROL and SITA. In 2014 Burhan has become a Certified 7th Habits coach

Apolo Ruiz

Manager Obizco Spain

Apolo finished his Master in Aerospace Engineering at the Madrid University and he has more than 30 years experience in the Aeronautical sector, mainly in the business development activities with a great focus on the ATM sector. Before joining Obizco Apolo worked for almost 20 years at SITA where he held various positions in the ATM business, such as AOC services Director of the Applications competence centre,  and Account Director for EUROCONTROL, a position that he has held during the last 5 years. Currently he is developing the business of OBIZCO in Spain by participating in some key projects, especially on the Business and strategic analysis point of view

François Bardin

Associate Obizco France

François has been Involved in ATC datalink activities since more than 20 years, starting with managing early datalink implementation projects as a consultant for the French DGAC. After having created and run his own company for 7 years, he joined SITA in 2001 (then SITAONAIR in 2015), managing the ATC portfolio, engaging with ANSPs worldwide and growing SITAONAIR’s ATC business

Dr (Hab) David W. Versailles

Senior Economist

David acts as Senior Economist at Obizco SARL by providing consultancies in the domain of cost-benefit analysis, business case studies, industrial organisation, public policy governance, business intelligence; Program management. David is (Full) Professor, co-director of the newPIC chair (new Practices for Innovation and Creativity) where he lectures and Research projects in the domain of business casing, business modelling, innovation management, strategy and strategic management of knowledge and manages a group of PhD students in that domain.

Gonzalo Prieto

ATM Business Expert

Gonzalo works as a Air Traffic Management Business Consultant with Obizco since the 1st of April 2019. He is involved in international projects all related with datalink. Mainly,  he is focused in all the activities (WP1 and WP2) within the IP1 Project for INEA CALL 2017 where a Common European ATN Backbone for VDLm2 will be developed and implemented. Furthermore, he is also involved in a capacity study in order to compare the current model in Europe (Model B and Model C + Multifrequency) with the so called Model D.

Dan Moller

ATM Senior Project Manager

Dan is a Senior Project/Safety Manager and has more than 30 years professional experience in different industries (nuclear, telecom, aviation, railways). Dan contributes to Obizco as providing Project Management services at SitaOnAir for various international projects, such as ATS ( for numerous European ANSPs), Aircom (for Iranian airlines and Istanbul airport) and EFB (for the TAROM airline).

Laurent Meyer

ATM and Datalink Expert

Laurent Meyer specializes in connected objects and embedded systems. An engineer by training, he has 15 years of experience working with large groups as well as SMEs and startups. Laurent advises and assists companies in the realization of their connected equipment, but also managers, CIOs and project managers on how to manage and carry out their IT and electronic projects. Laurent Meyer has taught in various engineering schools (INSA, CNAM, INGESUP). He is also the author of the training “Fiabilisation du code C”, which he has taught at over 200 premises up to date.

Steve Zerkowitz

ATM Operational Expert

An A-CDM pioneer, Steve’s background is in air traffic control, computer programing and ICAO and IATA as technical officer and assistant director, respectively. Combining deep knowledge of both ATM and airline operations, Steve has built a reputation for supporting clients world-wide with their plans for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and procedures likePerformance Based Navigation (PBN), Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), System Wide Information Management (SWIM)and Performance Based Airport Management to name just a few.

Adrian Ruiz

ATM Business Expert

With financial and consulting background, Adrián contributes to redefine the strategic position of ANSPs. Adrián performs studies based on market trends and develop complete business cases to evaluate the viability of potential new business.

Dragoș Borcea

ATM Expert

As a fresh Air Navigation graduate, Dragos represents contracted companies in their share of research for the SESAR Joint Undertaking, on SWIM-TI (System-Wide Information Management Technical Infrastructure) projects

Heidi de Vos

ATM Service Manager

Heidi has both sales and service management experience, and is focused on change & problem Management ITIL V3 and ITIL V2

Peter Cowan

ATM Senior Project Manager

Having just recently embraced the world of pre-retirement as a result of a mutually-beneficial decision between SITA and himself, Peter is now entering (or rather re-entering) the gig economy. He still has a lot to offer, having worked in IT for 5 decades, and looking for interesting projects and challenges in Europe.